Frequently asked questions


Databrain includes everything you need to manage your custom data.
Following systems are included:

  • Four demo scenes
    1. Blackboard demo
    2. Events demo
    3. Save & Load demo
    4. Advanced demo which demonstrates save & load as well as dynamic data object creation at runtime
  • Runtime Save & Load system
  • Import Google sheets & CSV files
  • Event system add-on
  • Blackboard add-on
  • Databrain editor with quick search and categorization features
  • Various field and class attributes

Yes the source code is included. This also applies to all add-ons.

Databrain requires the Newtonsoft.Json package from Unity.
If it doesn't get installed automatically, it can be added manually from the Unity package manager.
Simply add a new Git URL: com.unity.nuget.newtonsoft-json

Logic add-on

Yes, Logic is an add-on for Databrain.

Logic comes with a handful of basic nodes to get you started.
You can quickly and easily create your own nodes tailored to your project.
Read the documentation for more information about it:

No. The Logic node editor has been made from scratch with UIElements. It doesn't have any reliances to the deprecated Unity Experimental.GraphView.

No. It also has no dependencies to third-party serializers.