Make your data intelligent with the Logic node editor.

Logic is a powerful add-on that enables high level visual scripting within Databrain. It is seamlessly integrated into Databrain and offers a comprehensive node editor that allows you to create logical sequences for your data objects with ease.

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Custom nodes

Create custom nodes tailored to your project and data. Creating a new custom node is as easy as creating a new C# file in Unity. Easily set the node properties like outputs, color, title, category, icon and description by using NodeAttributes. It is also possible to create a custom inspector UI for your node. Create logic flows, query data, listen to events or perform specific actions.

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Return values

Thanks to the return value node, you can set and get a return value on the graphs on complete event. In addition you can also reference other data objects in nodes to simply get their values at runtime. The data object dropdown attribute works everywhere!

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Scene object references

Logic also allows easy referencing of scene objects. Nodes can easily access scene objects through the Logic controller component in the scene when necessary. All UnityEngine.Object types are supported.

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Expose values to inspector support


Fields in a node can also have the ExposeToInspector-attribute to expose them to the data object inspector view of the data object property drawer. Therefore, values can be altered directly in the Unity inspector without the need to open up the Logic node editor.


  • Easily create custom nodes like a new C# class.
  • Nodes and the node inspector can draw unity and custom property drawers.
  • Support for the data object property drawer - inspector view. Node fields with the ExposeToInspector-attribute can be directly tracked or modified from the Unity inspector.
  • Completely made from scratch with UIElements. No reliance on the deprecated Unity Experimental.GraphView.
  • No dependencies to third-party serializers.
  • Possibility to create custom inspector UIs for your nodes with UIElements.
  • Local graph events which can be called from script. Appropriate event listener nodes can then listen to graph events.
  • Can draw lots of nodes with great performance thanks to the UIEelements retained mode gui system.
  • Easily define scene components references and assign them to the controller component in your scene. Nodes can then easily access them
  • OnComplete graph event with possibility to return a value as a result.
  • Group nodes
  • Copy & Paste nodes
  • Minimap
  • Searchable node creation panel with categories and sub-categories.
  • Possibility to detach the node editor window from the main Databrain editor.