Items, inventories, loot-tables and crafting - all in one place

Use the power of Databrain and manage all inventory and crafting related data for your game.

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📦 Manage inventories & items


  • Create different inventories for your player, equipment, merchants and enemies.
  • Populate containers like treasure chests and crates dynamically determined by loot-tables.
  • Create items with versatile properties, including stackability, consumability, and equipability.

🎁 Loot-tables

Create rule-based loot tables which can be used to populate inventories or simply use the API to return a list of items from the loot table.

🛠️ Crafting

Easily create blueprints and define which items are required to craft a certain item.

➕ Everything comes together

Use Databrains event system and/or Logic add-on to react to specific inventory events, such as unlocking specific gameplay features if a certain item has been added to the player's inventory. The Inventory add-on also supports the Databrain Localization add-on for localized items.

💾 Saving & Loading

Saving and loading works out of the box using the Databrain API.

🎮 Gamepad support

Gamepad support for the runtime inventory UI.

🖥️ Ready to use runtime UI inventory & crafting

*Demo scene included

Quickly integrate the inventory into your game using the runtime ui system. Simply drag and drop the inventory prefab or easily build from scratch.