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The techtree add-on enables the creation of techtrees or player skilltrees for your game. The user-friendly techtree node editor facilitates the design, creation, and rapid iteration of techtrees.

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UI Builder

The available Techtree UI builder replicates your Techtrees from the editor in the scene with the Unity UI. The UI builder manages all Techtree logic, such as lock/unlock nodes, research new nodes, and resource checks.

Techtree resources

Techtree resources can be easily defined separately and assigned to each tech node. The techtree UIBuilder takes care of evaluating if a user has the appropriate resources to unlock a new tech.

Save & Load

The Techtree add-on fully supports runtime serialization, allowing users to save the progress of a Techtree and available resources and restore them quickly. Additionally, the add-on includes a demo scene that showcases various features, including save and load, theme swap, UI builder, and dynamic loading of different Techtrees.

Support for Localization add-on

The techtree add-on supports the localization add-on allowing you to easily localize the tech node titles and descriptions.

Demo scene

A comprehensive demo scene wich demonstrates mulitple features is included.

  • Save and load
  • Theme swap
  • UI builder
  • Dynamically load different techtrees