Localize your game

The Localization add-on facilitates the localization of your game and data objects. Simply define languages in the Localization Manager, set a default language, and begin the localization process.

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Localization manager

Easily add and manage all your languages in the localization manager, define default fallback language and events. The Localization add-on can also automatically set the language according to the users system language.

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Multiple assets localization

With the Localization add-on, you can easily localize text, sprites, textures, audio, game objects and TextMeshPro FontAssets.

One click Google translate

The one-click Google translate feature enables swift translation of keys into multiple languages.


Use the Databrain import functionality to easily import localized strings from Google sheets or CSV files.


Define tags in localized strings to replace them automatically with dynamic text.


The Localization add-on also includes multiple ready to use components for rapid localization of user interfaces, such as UI text, language drop-down select, UI sprites and more.