Take control of your data like never before

Databrain is the ultimate Unity object based data management tool.

Manage all of your game data in one editor. Organize your data objects in the list view, set favorites, search or quickly reference data objects by drag and drop or by the powerful property drawer. Use the save system to create save games and access the initial or runtime values through the simple to use API. Make it the swiss army knife of your data management by expanding Databrain with the available add-ons.

Packed full of features

Create custom GUI for your data to create visually appealing inspectors.
Runtime save & load
Quick search
Import Google sheets & CSV files.
Event system


Your data can do so much more!

Expand Databrain with the available add-ons and make it the swiss army knife of your data management. Each add-on is perfectly integrated in to the Databrain editor and comes with a unique feature set. Add-ons also profit from each other. You can use the Localization add-on to also localize your techtree from the Techtree add-on for example.

More add-ons are in development and will be available soon.


Make your data intelligent by using the Logic addon. Use the node editor to create custom logic flows.

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Design and create your techtrees with the techtree node editor. Use the Techtree UI Builder to generate a runtime techtree from it.

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Localize your data! Use the automatic google translate feature for quick translation or import google sheets / csv files.

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Progress with ease. Add progression curves, achievements and value modifiers to your game.

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Manage items, inventories, loot tables, recipes and more all within Databrain.

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Create dialogue trees with the intuitive node editor. Combine it with the localization addon and get fully localized dialogues.

In development

Powerful property drawer

Use the data object property drawer in your custom scripts to enhance your data object workflow. The property drawer allows you to quickly assign data objects, create new data objects and even view or modify your data directly from the Unity Inspector.


propertyDrawerFoldout Thanks to the DataObject property drawer you can directly view
custom editors and fields directly inside of the Unity inspector.
Even custom Odin Inspector editors.

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Runtime Save & Load

The meticulously designed save system enables users to designate specific data types as serializable. These serialized data types are automatically cloned at runtime, resulting in each data object having an initial state with non-modifiable values and a runtime state with modifiable values. Serialization is achieved by the popular Json.NET library by Newtonsoft.

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Google sheets & CSV import

Use the simple Google sheet or CSV importer to import and convert your data in to data objects. The Google sheet importer doesn't need any complicated authentification steps, a simple share link is enough.

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But there's more

Source code

Databrain including all add-ons do come with full source-code.


Extensive documentation available at gitbook.io


Discord & E-mail support

Great performance

Build from scratch with the new Unity UIElements retained mode UI.

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